AAdobe© Media Server 5: what's new?.

Adobe© Media Server 5 is the streaming web revolution.
Represents a new and better technology solution dedicated to people that wish to distribute multimedia content - even in HD - to the widest audience possible with any device connected to the Internet.
Adobe© Media Server 5 is able to distribute your content in a secure, cross-platform: mobile devices, connetcet-TV, desktop.

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BHTTP packaging for On-Demand streaming
Flash HTML5 iOS

Through Adobe© Media Server 5 you can now distribute media content in a native HTTP-On-Demand Streaming to all iOS devices as well (ie with or without Flash Player) without any special or additional activities.

CAdaptive bitrate HLS format for iOS (multiple bitrate).
Flash HTML5 iOS

Take advantage of HTTP Live Streaming support for iOS - HLS - also adaptive bitrate (multiple bitrate) and the protection of your transmission (Live and On-Demand also) through Adobe© Access.

DLive Streaming and DVR
Flash iOS DVR

You can provide to you customers the potential offered by the media DVR functionality with pause, rewind and instant replay, all during the broadcast and live a unique experience!

EDRM Adobe© Access Support.
Flash HTML5 iOS

Dynamically you can code the content of your transmissions of live and on-demand with the support offered DRM Adobe © Access. Defined business rules to create sophisticated premium viewing experiences and customized DRM protected in accordance with policies and without the use of external license server.

FMulticast: P2P Support.
Flash Multicast

Through the P2P native support for Flash Player, you can cut down the costs of technological infrastructure, server-side connectivity and developing multimedia content distribution applications in multicast.

GOrigin Server and CDN.
Flash Multicast

Thanks to new developments and improvements has been improved scalability of the transmission and the ability to manage complex systems based distribution infrastructure built between AMS (as Origin Server) and CDN (Content Delivery Network). Discover the new potential...